AlLé guercio 

Allé (Alessandra Guercio) is a Brooklyn pop singer, songwriter, dancer and true performer. She started her career at the young age of 8 when she was crowned winner of the national TV show, America's Most Talented Kids. Allé then stole the hearts of many fans and celebrities as she sang her way through many performances and national TV shows, such as American Idol and The Voice.


While music is her passion, Allé is also devoted to her core values and her grass roots. She gives back much of her time performing at various charitable events (Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park, Relay For Life, the Futures in Education and several private benefits.)


 In addition, Allé takes pride in singing the National Anthem to support the New York and New Jersey sports teams: Madison Square Garden for New York Knicks, New York Rangers and New York Liberty, and the Continental Arena and Barclays Center for the Brooklyn Nets. She also performed at various New York City events (9/11 Tribute Concert in Central Park, Columbus Day Parade and Tree Lighting ceremonies.)

Allé’s current focus is writing and working on her original music!

She is ready to surprise her fans with some new releases and thanks them for being so supportive and incredible!


National TV Appearances:

The Voice                                   |  2014  |  Singer/Songwriter/Dancer

American Idol                            |  2011  |  Singer/Songwriter/Dancer


America's Most Talented Kids   |  2004  |  Winner: Most Talented Kid

Venue Appearances:

Apollo Theater                           |  Special Guest Showcase

                                                      2004  |   Singer

Madison Square Garden            |  NY Knicks, NY Rangers & NY       

                                                      Liberty |  2004 through 2014                                                                  | Singer, National Anthem

The Continental Arena               |  NJ Nets  |  2004 through 2012

                                                   |  Singer, National Anthem

New York City Special                |  9/11 Tribute Concert in

                                                      Central Park  

Events                                        |  Columbus Day Parade

                                                   |  Tree Lighting Ceremonies

                                                   |  Seaside Concert Series

Various Charitable Events          |  Breast Cancer Research Walk  

                                                   |  Relay For Life

                                                   |  Futures In Education Initiative

The Disco Nights                        |  currently performing at various         

                                                       venues in the tri-state area


Calling All Divas   |  Frankie Previt Production   |   Singer/Actress

Regional Theater   |  Jeff Samaha Production   |   Singer/Actress

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